Discover key sports colors for your creations

Discover key sports colors for your creations


This time, we have broadened our analysis and defined trends and exact chroma levels essential to create unique garments.

A prominent collection, due to its colors, is the one presented by Holistic, which focuses on a perspective based on training as a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual system. This collection finds inspiration in the attractiveness of precious metals with main colors that recall shades going from natural to luxurious.

Season’s Highlights:

Season’s highlights reflect change and the harmony of perfection. Besides, these garments include from soft colors to other tones much more brownish and metallic. Golden touches recall power and the meaning of gold in the sports world. On its part, Powder Pink reflects a mental state without gender, in line with quartz and precious gems.


Simple Shades are Compensated by Fine Touches: Limestone and Moss give a vitality touch to this neutral palette, comprising natural connotations and more sophisticated shades that reflect elegance and sobriety.


Primary Colors, a Common Duality: Ash Blue and Copper are highly connected to spirituality, balance and calm. Blue shades make this season warmer and neutral; on its part, red shades, characteristic of Copper, include a technological and versatile look.


All You Should Know About Holistic:

An excellent way to combine the aforementioned sports colors is integrating the Glocal trend to the 2019 Spring – Summer season, inspired in rural lifestyle combining real life relationships and Internet connectivity.

Key Shades:

Pink shades are warm: These shades include revitalizing colors, creating a summer palette in line with shades such as Pink Dawn and Hot Chocolate. These designs are characterized by body-hugging silhouettes that seem a second skin.

colors sports 1

Green Shades Express Sophistication: Tones as Military Green and Fern establish a nature viewing union in perfect balance with wellbeing, glamour and elegance. These garments are designed for outdoor high-performance activities.

Red Shades are Relevant and Strong: Natural pigments such as Koi Fish and Bossa Nova reflect rural ecosystem’s sensitivity, with natural arid and rocky environments, which identify with and connect to cultural roots.

pescado koi
Color red 1

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