Sports squads are the Trends in the Sports Lifestyle

Sports squads

Let’s know what are the trends set for 2016 in the Sports Lifestyle, and that once the fever of post-holiday detoxification for some and the beginning of sporting life for others has passed, the market will now focus on the trends in training .

Based on the information gathered by the CSM’s Health & Fitness Journal® that takes information obtained from thousands of fitness professionals around the world to determine market trends as a guide to unify the common efforts for each year we can highlight the main topics of market interest detected by the ACSM *:

Sports squads

Wearable and portable technology.
Training with body weight
HIIT (training at high intensity intervals)
* Squads and groups, group benefit. Kayla Itsines makes use of social networks, fitness applications and training 24 hours a day.

Sports squads

But how will these issues influence textile design and final products?
First they help us to identify this market that is looking for and what are its important issues, identifying these as the important issues to propose us products that generate demand in this sector:

Connected fitness, wearable technologies, not only with special applications and social networks.
A focus not only on the body but also on the mind as a tool to achieve the expected results.
Wellbeing not only exercising establishing a lifestyle is important.
Improving the experience is a leading factor.
Groups or “squads” are established looking for group benefit over their own.
The Millennials a sector of the market widely oriented to social networks, community and experience.
Positive body: now it’s not a matter of size or appearance, it’s the mental and physical benefits of exercising.
* Positive Body, Jessamyn Stanley, self-proclaimed “fat woman” and body activist, is challenging stereotypes

Focused then on these sports market interests we can generate not only product, but new market lines or strategies focused on one or several topics of interest. For example:

Sports squads

The opportunity we have with our multiple technologies to create technological garments and the opportunity of each brand to offer an application or contact through a social network that not only communicates these additional benefits of the product, but also provides advice and helps its clients to connect and Realize your goals. Improve the experiences in their points of sale of each brand and promote the creation of groups or “sports squads” facilitating the customization of the garments and collections to identify themselves as such, generating that the products become aspirational Fitness garments that the they identify as part of an exclusive group as a badge of honor, belonging, strength and determination.

Clear examples of the power of the “squadron” that make collective fitness an especially popular movement among millennials who exercise and who value experiences and who naturally have a community mentality, are the select Sk group.
inny Bitch Collective, access by invitation, with its extreme classes and its artistic Instagram, up to the Nike’s Run Dem Crew affiliation group in London, group classes use the power of group goals, #squadgoals, to stimulate motivation and get better results.

* Squads and collectives, “The skinny Bitch Collective” group by invitation only.

Regarding the Positive Body trend, the phrase “Your body is a tool, not an adornment” allows users to immerse themselves only in the benefits of training and not in the simple objective of weight loss, which gives entry to new markets that are accepting their silhouette and look for alternatives of performance and fashion according to their needs taking the burgeoning market of the “Plus Size” (Big Sizes) to enter the already huge Active wear market.

There are many opportunities within the sports lifestyle trends of which both we and our customers can develop offers for the growing market “Active Wear”, with new segments, and new facilities for existing segments, the inspiration is yours and strengthened and always accompanied by the knowledge of each of its accounts, we can attack the market with proposals that are well focused, assertive and furious. #inspiratte

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