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Performance Days Fair, a Source of Inspiration

An excellent way of keeping up with functional textiles and sports trends is by participating in national and international textile fairs. This is why the team at Lafayette Sports decided to take part in this type of events with the purpose of offering high-quality textile solutions.

In context, Performance Days is the main textile fair in the Activewear performance and accessories market. Its most recent edition took place in Munich, Germany on May 8th and 9th. Compared with the previous edition, the number of visitors rose 19%, 2,201 visitors and 297 exhibitors attended.

This fair is a platform for designers, product managers, distributors and purchasers who display and explain the most outstanding textile technologies, testing methods and styles in the industry; the fair has consolidated as a key meeting point for trend updates.

Action points identified in Performance Days:

1. Textile Technologies: technology applied to textiles is a concept that has revolutionized the textile and sports sectors. Therefore, the industry’s newest trends focus on collections with technologies to improve athletic performance.

About our high-performance technologies:

2. Sustainability as a Standard: recycling has become the norm. In the last years, we have seen how recycled fibers have made their way into the performance industry. In upcoming seasons, designers and brand owners will apply vegetal-base dyes, avoiding the loss of microfibers.

The spotlight is on biodegradable and eco-friendly textiles, consumers’ awareness of the environment is changing the way in which manufacturing companies’ products’ respond to their demands.

3. Innovations in Textiles: the use of natural fibers, textiles with Vitamin E with repellent properties that may be transferred to the skin and tissue, were seen at the fair as a key trend in textile selection. Materials that have the capacity to react and protect the athlete from considerable impacts were also presented.

4. Collaboration Between Industries: learning from other fields is a way of improving companies’ competitiveness. These business practices are consolidating new systems of relationships based on trust and concept exchange to positively impact a project’s final result.

What are you waiting for? Come and innovate with us

At Lafayette Sports we have different co-creation planes through which we provide customized guidance in areas such as design, trends, selection of high-quality textiles, textile technology packages, among other services.

Do not miss the opportunity to introduce collections that fulfill the industry’s highest level of demands.  If you want to have a personalized advice, Give us your contact information here and we will contacting you for specialized advice 😉. And the best thing: Absolutely for free!

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